My first Internship

About me:

Myself Abhishek Jadav, just another engineer and more importantly animated movie lover! I’m currently pursuing my CE degree at LDCE Ahmedabad.

What interested/motivated me to the summer internship?

Myself! Haha.. It is very important to introspect yourself closely in order to improve yourself. What is the purpose of all the knowledge you have when you don’t even know how this knowledge is going to help you when I get a graduation cap on your head? This was the question which led me towards the Internship. It doesn’t help you only getting the technical know-how aspects of the things, but also makes it easier to understand the further theoretical things as well as in developing great communication skills.

What kind of internships you were looking for?

In short, “Technical Internship
In an engineer’s way, I was looking for something that completely brush up my perceptions and assumptions about my future. I had no idea about the working of the real world industries expects the hearings from few intuitive buzzes. I have been searching for internship since last one year but since I was not technically able for any internship so I didn’t get one. Instead, I did a social internship at an NGO instead of a technical one. Initially, it doesn’t make sense going to be an intern at an NGO but it helps a lot believe me and I have experienced that.

How did you search for internship?

The first step to accomplish anything is to get organised. Make your mind up and get involved in that thing. I started my search for the internship online and offline also. I asked many of my friends, seniors for the references and advices. I ran everywhere looking for the chance of an internship, dropped my CV to the local companies as well.

How was your interview experience?

Habituated! Yes, strange but true. This is once again an extra donut you get as a reward when you go through many interviews searching for your first internship. Coming to the internship, I have got right now, it was just after few days after I posted my profile online I got an email from a guy saying my interview has been scheduled  when my final exams were running,  but it doesn’t matter if you really want to do the internship, you should be dedicated towards it.
In the interview of this internship, it was quite different than I expected. I had prepared myself for a bunch of technical questions firing at me, but that was not it.  The interviewer was interested to know about my personality and my communication skills.
What I have done until now?
What am I going to do in future?
What are my goals?
What do you learn from your past?
What are you expecting from this internship?

What are you looking forward in this internship?

It’s been a week since I joined this internship and I’ve already started reaping the fruits. I am looking forward to understand basic framework processes, trading secrets and absorb the vital business lessons/strategies which will eventually help me when go for the job. Also, I’m trying to develop my communication and management skills more and more every day.  Now I’m realising that only knowing how to do the job is not sufficient to survive in the market. There are many other things that you need to work on and that can be onlypracticed when you go on the field!