Inverter and unit Ton in Air Conditioner (AC)

Inverter Air Conditioners are relatively new in the market, compared to your non-inverter Air Conditioners. Unlike non-inverter Air Conditioners which come with energy efficiency rating between 1 and 5, Inverter Air Conditioners come with the ‘Inverter’ rating. So, what exactly is an Inverter Air Conditioner, and why is it better than any other Air Conditioner? We explain that over here.
In an inverter Air Conditioner, an inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, which allows it to change as per the temperature the Air Conditioner is set at. This feature helps cut down the electricity consumption of the Air Conditioner, and is the biggest differentiator between a non-inverter Air Conditioner and an inverter Air Conditioner. The compressor motor of a non-inverter Air Conditioner only operates at a maximum capacity, or is switched off altogether. This leads to unnecessary electricity consumption and higher electricity bills.
The ability of an Inverter Air Conditioner to control the speed of the compressor motor eliminates stop-start cycles. This in turn makes the Air Conditioners less prone to breakdowns and cheaper to run.
The usage of an inverter Air Conditioner helps bring down the electricity bill by 30-50%. Therefore, it may seem as an expensive investment while making the purchase, but it definitely reduces your electricity bill by huge margins and results in greater savings in the long run.
So before you make your next air conditioner purchase, Daikin India advises you to keep all these points in mind.
P.S. : Do you know why AC is rated in Ton? And what does it really mean?
Answer : For first question, Air conditioners are designed on the basis of quantity of heat removal from room, hall or specific area. That's why it's measured in Ton and not kW. Now moving on to the secong question, Quantity of heat is termed in Tons means if an air conditioner is able to remove 1000 kilocalories of heat or 4120 kilojoules or 12000 BTU of heat in an hour that AC rated as 1 Ton of AC because 1000 Kilocalories or 4120 kilojoules or 12000 BTU equal to one Ton of heat. Also, this is the same case for freezer and refrigerator i.e. refrigeration system.
Good to know:

BTU = British thermal unit. A measurement of heat, specifically, the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water by 1°F.