WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp announced the launch of WhatsApp Web on 21st January,2015 finally enabling the use of the popular messaging app on desktop computers. While the solution isn't cross-platform and feels like a hack at first glance, it works surprisingly well. We managed to get our hands on the updated Android app that comes with WhatsApp Web support, and here are our initial thoughts.

The first step towards getting WhatsApp working inside your browser is to get the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S60, or Windows Phone (sorry iPhone users) that comes with support for WhatsApp Web. Look for the WhatsApp Web option in the respective apps before proceeding further - the WhatsApp Web website tells you where to find the option inside each app. Android users, make sure you are running version 2.11.498 or later. To check what version of WhatsApp you are on, open the app, go to the menu (three dots) ->Settings ->Help ->About.

Next, open the WhatsApp Web website on your desktop in Google Chrome. This is important as there's no standalone desktop app for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web will not work in any other browser like Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Once the WhatsApp Web page finishes loading, you will see a QR code on the top left part of the screen. Now fire up WhatsApp on your mobile phone and select WhatsApp Web from the menu (three dots).

Align the QR code with your phone's camera and, almost instantly, you'll find yourself staring at your recent WhatsApp conversations inside Chrome on the desktop. For those wondering, the QR code generated each time is unique, and by scanning it with your phone, you are associating the current WhatsApp Web session with the one on the phone you are logged into WhatsApp from. Your phone reads the QR code and transmits the session ID and other associated information to WhatsApp servers, which then establish the pairing between your phone and the WhatsApp Web session. This is as elegant a solution as you can have for a service that has no username/ passwords, without resorting to things like one-time passwords or manual input of secure tokens. Have we finally found a use for QR codes?

The WhatsApp Web UI will look familiar to all WhatsApp users. You can of course joining existing conversations (including groups) or initiate new ones. Features like delivery and read receipts are supported, and you can also share pictures (stored on your computer, or by clicking a fresh one using your webcam) as well as voice messages without needing to touch your phone. Everything worked as expected during our testing.

One thing worth noting is that WhatsApp Web uses your phone's Internet connection to send and receive your messages, so your mobile needs to be connected to the Internet throughout, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data. In that sense, WhatsApp Web is different from other messaging apps like Skype and Viber where every device has its own connection to the servers. This is an example of WhatsApp keeping it 'mobile first', which may not appeal to everyone, but is central to WhatsApp's philosophy.

WhatsApp Web needs your phone to be connected to the Internet

You can initiate WhatsApp Web sessions from multiple computers, but only one can be active at a time - you'll be given an option to wrest control from another session. WhatsApp takes care of the security aspect by listing how many WhatsApp Web sessions are connected at any given time, and by letting you log out of all in one click via the mobile app.

Overall, while WhatsApp Web may seem like a hack at first - what with its use of QR codes and everything else - if offers everything you'll need for a complete(ish) WhatsApp experience on the desktop, as long as your definition of desktop is Google Chrome. Now there's no real reason for us to ignore those lovely WhatsApp forwards while working, except of course the fact it doesn't work with the iPhone. If you are a fellow iPhone user, don't hold your breath, as WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum says, "for now, we will not be able to provide Web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.

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Athlets gone mad

Here is a post about 15 athlets who have done unbelievable things with their money. Check it out it's very interesting :

1. Mike Tyson - The Boxer

If you have seen the movie “The Hangover”, you’ll likely remember that Mike Tyson had tigers. This wasn’t a prop from the movie, though, he actually does have tigers. I would say it’s hard to believe that Tyson would spend his money on large cats, but this is the same guy that once told another boxer he was going to eat his children.
These tigers quite literally ate Tyson out of house and home. It cost Tyson $140,000 just to get the tigers delivered to his estate, then another $4,000 each month to have them taken care of. He couldn’t just take them to the groomer down the street, a trained professional was needed just to brush these kitties. It made sense that Tyson went bankrupt after making purchases like this.Now one can say,
Mike Tyson - The Cat Lover!
2. Rickey Handerson - The Baseball player

Rickey Henderson was one of the funnest baseball players to watch, mainly because he was fast as all heck and referred to himself in the third person. Henderson was so humbled (which is strange for someone that says “Rickey” instead of “I” when speaking) that  once when received a million-dollar check from the Oakland A's and, rather than cashing it, he framed it and hung it on his wall.
"When you're a kid, you want to be a millionaire," said Henderson, who apparently wasn't clear on the concept that the money needs to be in the bank to achieve millionaire status.When the check didn't clear, the A's phoned, asked him to cash it, and suggested he display a photocopy instead. 
Rickey Handerson - The humble  Millionaire!

3. Novak Djokovic - The Tennis player

In April,2012 "Novak Djokovic is buying the world's entire supply of donkey cheese" was sounded like the kind of headline that would show up around April Fool's, but it's apparently legit. The world No. 1 is spending millions to purchase all of the rare cheese made from, uh, donkey milk.
If you have never had donkey cheese before, it is probably because it’s ridiculously expensive. In most parts of the world, it costs nearly $3,000 for a pound of the good stuff. Just to put that into perspective, you can buy a pound of cheddar cheese for about $2. Djokovic didn’t want anyone else in the world eating his precious donkey cheese, so at the time, he bought the entire world’s supply all at once. Still no word on how long it takes donkey cheese to go bad.
Novak Djokovic - The Cheese Connoisseur !

4. Curt Schilling - The Baseball player 

Curt Schilling really wanted to keep his legacy going after he retired from baseball, so he started up a video game studio named 38 Studios (his baseball number). Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt after six years and ended up costing Schilling more than $50 million. Ouch.
If you haven’t heard of 38 Studios, it’s because they only released one game, titled “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”. If you are wondering if the game was so bad that it made the studio go bankrupt, it actually wasn’t. It even ended up selling over 1 million copies in the first three months. The only problem was that they needed to sell 3 million copies just to break even on the deal, so that didn’t go quite as planned.

Curt Schilling - The Gamer! ( Hail gamers.. B-) )

5.  Allen Iverson - The Basketball player

Ask your mother, and I bet she will absolutely be hating packing while going somewhere, and obviously Allen Iverson does too. Since Iverson had to travel at least 41 times per year just to play basketball games, he ended up having to do a lot of packing. When he started making some real money in the NBA, he just said to hell with it and didn’t pack anything.

Since Iverson had the dough (at the time), he went ahead and picked out new clothes to wear whenever he got off of the team’s plane. It actually sounds like a cool way to travel, but it’s also a huge waste of money. It was an even bigger waste of money when he would only wear one outfit back and leave the rest at the hotel. This ended up helping him go bankrupt.
Allen Iverson - The Bon-Vivant!

6. Nelson Cruz - The Baseball player

A firetruck seems like a ridiculous purchase, but Cruz put it to good use. He grew up in a very, very poor part of the Dominican Republic. So poor, in fact, that the city did not have a single ambulance or firetruck available to the citizens.

So in an act of kindness and gratitude toward his hometown, Cruz ponied up for their first ever firetruck. Cruz also had to spend a bit extra on a new paint job since the one he bought was yellow. Yellow firetrucks must not be received well in any part of the world, so it got a fresh new red coat of paint added on.
Nelson Cruz - The Patriot!

7. Chris Singleton - The Basketball player

Making $1.5 million per year is cool, but you know what’s cooler? $640 million. That was the amount of the lottery jackpot when Chris Singleton of the Washington Wizards really wanted to increase his odds of winning it. Naturally, you have better odds to win if you have more tickets.

Singleton didn’t just buy $50 worth at the local gas station, he went all out and dished $10,000 (or 5,000 tickets) trying to win it. Had he won, it’s unclear if Singleton would have retired, but he at least could have given his team a discount to help them in the salary cap. Unfortunately, it never happened and Singleton lost out on a lot of money in his get rich quick scheme.
Chris Singleton - The Greedy one!

8. Chad Johnson - The Rugby player

Chad Johnson (or Ocho, Chad Ochocinco, or just Ochocinco) was a star NFL receiver in his day. It wasn’t enough for Johnson to get a typical fancy headboard like a lot of athletes do, he wanted something completely different. For that reason, it only made sense that he would get an enormous fish tank as his headboard.
Did the fish tank look cool? Absolutely, but it’s not a very sound investment. That’s not even the biggest tank in his house, either. Johnson also has a shark tank as an entertainment center where he keeps his TV. A lot of us make quick judgments about how rich someone is based off of their beds and TVs, but Johnson took it to the weirdest extreme possible.
Chad Johnson - The Weird one!

9. Deshawn Stevenson - The Basketball player

Running to the bank or having to pay convenience fees at a gas station ATM is a pain in the rear. So much so that Deshawn Stevenson decided to take matters into his own hands. The NBA player wanted to have cash available at a moment’s notice, so he bought an ATM for himself and hooked it up in his kitchen.
It makes sense if you don’t want to have to stop at the bank when you’re out and about, but what do you need cash for when you are at home? The answer is probably something that isn’t legal. Either way, it saves time for Stevenson, so good for him. It cost him around $2,500— which is way more than he would probably ever pay in ATM fees, but oh well.
Deshawn Stevenson - The Lazy one!

10. Vince Young - The Rugby player

When you get really tired of sitting next to fat guys or babies on an airplane, the only solution is to make sure that there’s not another person in the jet with you. That’s exactly what Vince Young did by buying every single ticket on a commercial plane. It actually would have been much cheaper to rent out a private plane for the day.
This was the strangest act in a slew of bad financial decisions that Vince Young made during his short NFL career. He also spent thousands in one sitting at a TGI Friday’s and even more at strip clubs. The end result for Young was a bankruptcy filing, so he now has less money than most people you know. At least he got to enjoy a plane without smelling someone else’s BO.
Vince Yound - Do not disturb!

11. Michael Beasley - The Basketball Player

Michael Beasley has had his fair share of problems while in the NBA, including issues with teammates and drugs. People got to see exactly what he was spending his money on when he had to hold an estate sale to make some extra cash. The result was a little bit shocking to those that were inside.
In Beasley’s home was a strange collection of items that you wouldn’t expect, including dozens of hand bags. People inside also reported that there were glass grapes (for some reason) and hundreds of pillows. The man just seemed like he loved to be comfortable and look at transparent fruit, there’s nothing wrong with that is there?
Michael Beasley - The Odd one!

12. Lenny Dykstra - The Basketball player

Former baseball player and current financial non-genius Lenny Dykstra had an unhealthy obsession with hockey great Wayne Gretzky’s house. He told friends repeatedly that it was the best home he had ever laid his eyes on and wanted it badly for himself. So badly, in fact, that Dykstra offered Gretzky $17.5 million for the house, which was way over value.
Dykstra didn’t get to hang onto the house forever, though. During bankruptcy hearings, Dykstra attempted to steal some of the items in his foreclosed home, so that the bank couldn’t get to them first. That little act of self robbery ended up getting Dykstra six months in jail.
Lenny Dykstra - No comments, I too want that house!

13. Arian Foster - The Basketball player

When you run for over 1,000 yards in a season, it’s considered pretty good. When you do it three times in a row, that’s really impressive. Arian Foster, now one of the best running backs in the NFL, accomplished this feat and he thanked the Houston Texans offensive line for helping him get there.
To show his appreciation for the big guys up front, Foster wanted them to take a load off. He bought 10 Segway scooters for the offensive line to enjoy. It’s unclear how much the offensive line really wanted the Segways, but since it was a free gift, they didn’t want to turn it down. It’s the thought that counts.
Arian Foster - The Santa Claus!

14. Floyd Mayweather - The Boxer

A lot of people were confident that Peyton Manning would win his second Super Bowl when the Denver Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks. Nobody was as confident as boxer Floyd Mayweather. Since Mayweather makes a ridiculous amount of money from throwing punches and laying down bets, he wanted to go for the big one in a big game.
Things didn’t go well for the Broncos in the game, and they really didn’t go well for Mayweather. He lost $10 million in the deal when the Broncos lost 43-8 in one of the worst Super Bowl games of all-time. I mean, it wasn’t even close, and it cost Mayweather more money than most of the Broncos team will make in their careers.
Floyd Mayweather - The bettor who lost!

15. Patric Peterson - The Rugby player

The Arizona Cardinals were a bit confused when they still had over $15 million in their payroll account after giving Patrick Peterson a large signing bonus. One of the best cornerbacks in the league just “never got around” to cashing it. It’s clear that Peterson isn’t hurting for money, but it’s a bit hard to not notice a $15 million check laying on your kitchen table.
Maybe he will get around to cashing it some day, but it looks like Peterson doesn’t blow through a lot of money. Still, it would be nice to get to go through life and realize “oh yeah, I have that $15 million I didn’t deposit yet.” A dream we can all hope comes true for us someday.
Patric Peterson - Wake up man!
That's all. Thank you!