Blueticks on WhatsApp

Apparently, there has been a huge rush of tweets since last night about the trending topic on our beloved app WhatsApp's most confusing feature Blueticks. Some people are irritated with this feature,some are appreciating WhatsApp's this new effort and some people(like i was before writing this post!) are confused what does it actully do? Why it is there? Here's the explanation.

What’s with the blue double check in WhatsApp?

The myth of the double check in WhatsApp has messed with the heads of many users of this app to the point of becoming the cause of a psychological syndrome and many, many breakups(Seriously!). Misinterpreting this little symbol has caused more than one romantic quarrel and now it seems the company is testing a new method to avoid such confusion: the double check will appear in blue when your message has actually been read. Problem solved?
Yesterday's update now officially incorporates this feature on all types of devices. In other words, 
a grey check means the message has been sent
two grey checks that it’s been delivered to the recipient
and two blue checks that it’s been read
Group Chats and Voice Messages :

A blue double check alongside the text is used to occur with voice notes also.It works the same way it worked with the texts. Single tick means voice note has been sent double tick means it has been delivered(may not be played by recipient). Finally, the change of color means that the recording had been played.
Same thing goes with the group messages also.In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message.

Updated WhatsApp but not getting BlueTicks?

So,you've updated your whatsapp to latest version still you're not getting bluestick? (I finally figured it out that if both the sender and the receiver have updated their whatsapp to this version then only you can see the blueticks on your chats. However it works the same way even if the receiver has not updated his whatsapp yet.) Try this to know how it works :
(1) Long press on any message you sent.
(2) Selection the option which looks like "i" (info) next to copt and forward option from the panel.(If you're not seeing any such option then you have not updated your whatsapp to the latest version.)

(3) There you go.

In groups you will get the list of the peopl who has read your message. It will look like this:

Previous Myths :
Until now, the tick marks accompanying your WhatsApp messages indicated one of two things : one tick to show that the message had been sent to the recipient and two to show it had been correctly delivered, which did not imply it had been read which was what most of the users had assumed. The myth that the double check=message read eventually became so widespread that the company had to clarify how the ticks actually work on their official Twitter account.
Why people are getting frustrated?
The only way for users to check if their WhatsApp messages had been read previously, was to check the last time the recipient was online, a piece of information that WhatsApp allowed iOS users to opt out of, choosing not to see anyone else’s ‘last seen’ status if they were unwilling to share their own. The feature rolled out to Android users of WhatsApp in March this year, allowing those users who didn’t want the pressure of someone knowing you had seen their message but had chosen not to reply immediately the privacy they had chosen.

The two blue ticks read reports are impervious to this setting, now making it impossible for users to avoid this kind of scrutiny leading to some frustration on Twitter.

Swiping left or long pressing and selecting ‘Info’ on a particular sent message will even go so far as to show you the time at which the recipient read your message.

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