WhatsApp Crash

WhatsApp crashed? Don't worry!

Did your most loved application just crashed due to a spam message or any other reasons? And now you are afraid to loose all previous chats? Don't worry then here is the solution to your problem to get all the data back as it is.

Just follow these steps:

1) Leave WhatsApp as it is and go to this directory in your file manager :


(Here you can see the some files with blank icons having some names like "msgstore.db.crypt".Those are your encrypted chat backups which is automatically generated everyday at 4 am by WhatsApp on your internal storage.)

2) Now select all those blank icon files and copy it some other folder. (for example say to DeviceStorage/bluetooth/.. )

3) Now go to Setting -> Application Manager and look for WhatsApp and then tap on it. A window will be opened titled App info.

Tap on clear data option and select OK.

4) Now copy back those blank icon files which you had copied somewhere else in Step 2 to 


Congratulations! Now you have successfully retrieved all your chats without getting any damage.

5) Now open WhatsApp and enter your Mobile number. (Don't worry you don't have to verify your number once again. It will automatically recognised your number.)

Select Restore option when you're asked to restore your backup. Welcome to WhatsApp!

There you go! Enjoy chatting with your loved ones!

(Note : If you're having any problems in this methods please tell me in comments I will try to fix it asap.)